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Writing for Publication

Looking for information on how to get published?

Whether you need access to resources, training or a quiet place to study we can help you. Below are some of our useful resources and links to websites, training, library books and published articles about how to write for publication.

General Guides

Writing for publication - general guides, articles and websites.



Looking to get published? Don't know where to begin? You need this free course!


Aim: To enable participants to have the confidence to write an article for publication


Objectives: By the end of this session, you will …

  •   Know where to begin when deciding to write for publication

  •   Know how to structure an article

  •   Have gained some useful tips and tricks

  •   Have a greater understanding of the publishing process

Duration: 1 hour

To book:

Book Collection

We have a variety of books that will help guide you through the process of 'how to get your research published'. All of these are available for you to loan from any of our three library sites. You can view the full list here.

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